Naturals Jaggery is not a product that came into existence recently. An immense amount of time & amp, as well as effort, has gone into making the product – to understand, optimize, and bring out the best.

We at Spiceworks Co. have done our homework to understand the centuries-old orthodox industry of sweeteners and Jaggery. We realized that the true potential of the jaggery industry had not come out yet. We uncovered various causes for this, the foremost reason being less or no awareness of the goodness of Jaggery. All these factors led to restrictions on its use among the younger generations. We also witnessed markets being crowded with adulterated Jaggery products, causing the customers to leave aside the Jaggery and choose alternatives.

The price was another problem – the low yield per kilogram of sugarcane makes Jaggery more expensive than most other sweeteners. We saw this is one place where adulteration sweeps in. Another challenge is the less efficient traditional production process and unhygienic conditions. Debris and unwanted substances get into the sugarcane juice in the first phase. Mixing sugar dust, chemicals, and other cheap sweeteners in Jaggery to get more yield happens at the later stage. Moreover, the product again goes through ungraded packing methods leading to further loss in quality and quantity.

We have found solutions to all these challenges and even more. We pay our farmers well, source the best raw materials, and adopt best practices to complete the evolution of quality products. We follow the traditional process of making Jaggery; however, we have optimized production with the addition of modern mechanization.

We promise to continue our pursuit of finding and bringing more natural products to you.


Benefits of
Naturals Jaggery

  • Is rich in minerals
  • Improves digestion
  • Purifies liver and body
  • Helps lose weight
  • Averts anemia by aiding the production of hemoglobin
  • Helps in the prevention of constipation
  • Good for general wellness and increases immunity
  • Is a great natural source of energy
  • Is good for skin
  • Contains antioxidants